Our mission at Lucent is to create the best Home Inspection experience for Home Inspectors and their Clients. 

Features at a glance:

Risk Management

General and Professional Liability Insurance, Errors & Omissions and Legal Protection

Our customer contract offers the most legal protection possible

We have aligned the contract language and report language together

Scheduling Management

Automated and tailored emails sent to all parties  with an inspection

Google Calendar invite sent to the inspector and the real estate agents

Email reminders via Google Calendar 12 hours before inspection

Communication Management

Report Delivery Validation

Online Agreements / Electronic Signatures

Automatic Inspection Report Summary


We’re always working to improve our software and upgrades are always free

Access to our in-house network of Florida-licensed construction and engineering professionals

Fee Management

 We offer multiple payment options and process online payments for you.

Accept Credit Cards online, through QuickBooks invoice emails

Annual fee accounting for tax reporting

We partner with YOU to make your business as professional, profitable, and efficient as possible and to give you back some of your valuable time.

We work for YOU. You retain your business identity and set your own fees and schedule, but your inspections and report generation are powered by our efficient and user-friendly software. The efficiencies built into the Lucent System allow you to provide your customers with the best product possible and within a matter of a few hours.

We protect YOU. We provide you the required general liability insurance at a highly competitive price, while simultaneously protecting you under our company’s umbrella of legal protection and professional liability coverage.

Software automation is the new standard for customer interaction for every major corporation and your customers expect that same dependable communication at every step of the inspection process.

After analyzing the best customer service systems, we provide step by step messaging to each person involved with the inspection. Our messages are appropriate and understandable to the average customer.

The Lucent report was graphically designed with an organization that presents pertinent information and describes complicated data in a familiar way.

The Lucent team has disassembled the traditional inspection process, clung to the best parts, and replaced others, creating amazing efficiency. We want you to be Powered by Lucent!

“What if you were able to do what you love and not have to worry about doing the parts of the business that you didn’t sign up for?”